Your Time Is Valuable And You Should Put A Price On It

Your Time Is Valuable And You Should Put A Price On It

A Help Guide for New Inventors

You do not have to be the next Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Graham Bell to consider yourself an inventor. Nowadays, anyone with a great idea and patience can create an amazing product. The big question is, what should you when you decide to create your first special invention? Well, fret not, as this help for new inventors guide will show you the way and our secret ally is InventHelp.

Tips and Strategies for New Inventors

When you come up with an exceptional idea, ensure you create a record of the invention before proceeding. This record should include:

-A clear description of your idea

-The date, signature as well as signatures of those who you trust to have seen and understood your invention.

Create a prototype as soon as you can. This transforms your idea into a physical item.

Keep your invention a secret. Avoid talking about your next invention with individuals who aren’t bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Avoid putting in too much work without an idea whether it will sell well. A good rule of thumb in determining whether your project is worth the time is if the total sales will be at least 20 times the cost of inventing as well as patenting. You should include the cost of hiring a lawyer to help with patenting as well as the filing fees.


Keep good, accurate, and complete records. This should include:

-A written lab log or book, that’s updated whenever you work on the project. It should document everything you did, efforts made including experiments, modifications, and test results. You’ll also want witnesses who can sign and date your log.

-Copies of all correspondence relating to your invention.

These are just a few tips to ensure your invention is viable and protected to be yours. Also, it is best to seek legal advice as you proceed with your project.