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The Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers

When it comes to finding the best organization to get Medicare from, it should be noted that most if not all plans are constructed to ensure that users get the maximum benefits. Medicare works to pay all of your dues on time. So, read on as we dive into the top 10 Medicare Supplement insurance carriers.

First is one of the oldest, Aetna. If you’re looking for stability for more than a decade, they’ve got you covered. Aetna has some of the highest ratings and users can easily register with them to track claims online.

Unlike other companies, Cigna has been very innovative and offers users a very competitive monthly premium. They aim to provide customers with top-notch service and an experience that they cannot forget. Third, on the list is Mutual of Omaha taking the lead when it comes to experience. While they have several subsidiaries, the parent company is rock solid, so, there’s nothing to worry about.

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers

Manhattan Life is your go-to for discounts. They offer up to a 7% discount if you’re living with a roommate that is over the age of 60. They provide hearing, dental, and vision plans as needed.

Bankers Fidelity deals mainly with seniors. They have over 55 years in the field helping seniors with insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield has evolved into one of the leading companies in America and a third of Americans are covered by them. They even offer special deductible plans with low interest.

With over 25 years in the field, Western United Life is another go-to for Supplement carriers. As long as they continue to receive top ratings from A.M., they’ll always be on top. Next is Combined Insurance. While they are not as popular, they sure are among the heavy hitters. Combined has been around for many decades and has achieved an A-rating by A.M.

Another amazing carrier is Anthem Medicare Supplements who offer very popular programs for their users. United Healthcare is widely known and offers many standardized plans. Most employers have used their services at one time or the other which makes them even more familiar to many people.

In conclusion, we have just looked at the Top10 Medicare Supplement insurance carriers. These companies have several decades of experience. So, there’s bound to be one that’s suitable for you!