Surveillance Tools And Technologies

Types Of Surveillance

There are many types of surveillance depending on the needs of the user. Commercial and government ones would be the biggest division, however, different tools and technologies are used. There are complex ones like Tethered Aerostats and simpler ones you may have heard of, but here is something more about them.

Tethered Aerostats

one of the commonest ones used for different purposes is video surveillance. They can be placed at public places, roads, and they are there to detect the potential threat and keep the safety levels high. Different cameras, drones, and technologies can be used for this, depending on the needs. Some addition to these can be face ID cameras, which are used for bigger missions and projects. Another common type of surveillance is audio, in places where you need to hear the sound. Different recorders, microphones, and motion detectors can be used, but keep in mind that you always have to respect the law when it comes to these tools. Something that has developed quite a bit is computer surveillance where you can even keep track of someone just by using the Internet. You, of course, have to have the technology, skills, and knowledge, but this is something all agencies use. Something that is a bit complex, and used for higher priority projects are Tethered Aerostats, which can detect and track vehicles for weeks at a time.

As you can see, there are many different tools that can be used for both surveillance and tracking. It is important to know when and where can they be used for your safety and those around you as well.