Average Salary of a Paving Lot Worker

How Hard Is the Job?

If you’re looking for a career that is physically demanding and pays well, then becoming a paving lot worker may be the perfect choice for you! According to Holland Parking Lot Paving the average salary for this position is $38,000 per year. But what is it like to work as a paving lot worker? Is the job hard? Keep reading to find out more about this career!

The first thing that you need to know about working as a paving lot worker is just how physically demanding it can be. You’ll have to lift heavy objects, stand for long periods of time, and work outside in all kinds of weather conditions. In fact, some days may even reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

If you’re still interested after reading those requirements then continue on with this article because there are several more things that make up what it means to be employed as a pavement worker before deciding if the job is hard or not.

Holland Parking Lot Paving

The next thing needed here would describe what happens when your first day starts out on site at an already planned area where they want someone too come and lay down new asphalt so cars don’t drive through mud puddles anymore. As the truck pulls up, you realize there is more than just asphalt in the back. There are multiple drums (yes plural) of material varying in size and as you walk around to take a look at the job site, you see that almost every crew member has their hands full.

This overview should give someone an idea of what is happening before they even start working on paving anything themselves: getting materials from the truck, organizing them, checking with those who are in charge where work should be done first, then physically starting to pave by spreading out the asphalt mix evenly across the lot or driveway area.

And finally we can answer if it’s hard or not; usually after completing all of these assigned tasks for your shift!